Jobbik’s ex-president admits: Orban knows the Hungarian society better

Gabor Vona, the former chairman of the right-wing, conservative opposition party Jobbik held a public lecture at the event of his party’s youth organisation in Keszthely. It was the first time he spoke about political topics since the elections on April 8 and his resignation. Hungarian news site was the first to report about the lecture.

“We have to admit that Viktor Orban knows the society better than we do. We idealised it,”

he said in his lecture addressing the youth.

The strongest opposition party’s resigned chairman hasn’t disclosed any details regarding how he wants to remain part of the public life. About the elections in April he said he doesn’t think that Jobbik’s policies or strategy was defeated.

According to him the reason of Fidesz’s victory was “logistical inequality”. He said it was known that the force is on the government’s side but he hoped that, and the opposition’s victory in the Hodmezovasarhely by-election was also part of this ray of hope.

“Many felt that Hodmezovasarhely was the first big battle that will bring the victory in the war but it mobilised Fidesz voters more,” Gabor Vona said.

He also said that in the run-off of the campaign competely distasteful methods were used against them. He reminded that someone used a drone to film his son playing in the garden.

“I have a dilemma, whether it’s still possible to fairly win an election in Hungary – I’m afraid it’s more and more impossible,” he said. Gabor Vona thought that the society will see that there is a government capable of anything and an opposition party with a future-oriented programme and the people will choose the latter. He considered it one of his personal mistakes that he was too naive in the campaign and in politics in general. About his party’s election defeat he said:

“I don’t consider it an election defeat, I felt like my homeland was taken away.”

He added that his conscience is very clear and he’s proud that after going through all he had to go through he’s still well personally, mentally and physically. “I think I remained humane,” he said.

He couldn’t tell whether the Orban-system is still going up. He said he can imeagine that the government crashes in two days or that it stays for ten more years. He’s only sure that they are bound to fall and it will be a dramatic fall, not a gradual meltdown.

“I’m not sure that this system will fall in an election,” he stated. Vona thinks it’s connected most of all to foreign developments.

He also spoke about the future of the EU, stating that he doesn’t think it would be good if the union fell apart to nation states and then Hungary would form ad hoc alliances. But he said it would be even worse if a United States of Europe emerged and they would try to melt Europe together.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Béli Balázs/Alfahir


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