Hidveghi: Hungary sticks to its anti-migration policy

Fidesz communications director Balazs Hidveghi spoke about the ruling party’s migration policy and campaign for the European elections in an interview with daily Magyar Hirlap.

According Hidveghi, George Soros made himself a central character in the migration debate by actively supporting the migration wave to Europe, so he shouldn’t be surprised that national sovereignist forces speak up against him. He added that using the methods of political marketing is natural, and he is proud of Fidesz’s successful campaigning which became a model for several experts in Europe. According to the politician, Soros hasn’t given up on the mandatory resettlement quota and he has influence over the EU institutions who support that idea.

He reminded that Hungary quits the UN Migration Compact because the document would create a dangerous example by recognising migration as a fundamental human right.

Hidveghi said that in its campaign for the 2019 European elections, Fidesz will strongly focus on the questions that determine Europe’s future.

“Europe must preserve its Christian roots and traditions, it should function as an alliance of strong nation states because this is the interest of the European people and it’s the only way the EU can be successful in the global competition.”

Hungary Journal
Photo: Youtube

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