Slovenian MEP: Orban is very strong in the EPP

The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) is grateful to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who was campaigning for them before the general elections, MEP Milan Zver told Hungarian news site Index.

According to Zver, Orban is respected and has a good reputation in Slovenia for handling the migration crisis, so his presence was important for the party headed by Janez Jansa. Despite winning the elections, the SDS hasn’t been able to form a coalition yet, but Zver stressed that they’ve always been a bit isolated in Slovenian politics, it’s not Orban’s fault.

“Definitely not” – this was Zver’s answer when he was asked whether the EPP is to expel Orban’s Fidesz party. According to the Slovenian politician, even though many want to punish Orban the tension can be handled within the party family. He stressed that Fidesz won’t be expelled because “Orban is currently very strong, much stronger than for example four years ago”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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