Can Fidesz join Salvini’s group?

It’s possible that Hungary’s ruling party will be expelled from the European People’s Party (EPP), but then there will be consequences, Fidesz MEP Gyorgy Schopflin warns in an interview with Nepszava.

According to Schopflin, currently, it seems that Fidesz won’t be expelled but the situation can change overnight. He mentioned that the EPP has a “left wing” (the Benelux states, Sweden and some of the Portuguese MEPs) who feel uncomfortable for being in the same group as Fidesz.

“But what happens if they expel Fidesz? I’ve asked this question a couple of times and never received an answer. But it’s very important,”

Schopflin added. He reminded that it’s difficult to expel a whole party. It’s possible to expel individuals but there’s no rule that determines how to expel a whole national delegation. “Will they make us stand on a podium and vote about us one by one? How humane it would be?” he asked.

In case the expulsion happens, Schopflin said Fidesz will take the offer of Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini “more seriously” about creating “a eurocritical group in the EP, the League of Leagues”. The consequence of this step can be that a blocking minority emerges which vetoes the next EU budget for example.

“The EU wouldn’t function. We couldn’t elect a commissioner because the ‘rebels’ would always reject the consensus. I would avoid these consequences”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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