US Ambassador praises Orban

According to the new American Ambassador, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a “strong and wonderful leader”. Speaking to Hungarian channel RTL Klub, David Cornstein explained the importance of the Central European University (CEU) too.

Cornstein said he had spoken to several senators before his appointment, and both Democrats and Republicans agreed that the CEU should stay in Budapest. He wanted to “make it clear to the Hungarian people”, this is why he paid his first visit in Budapest to the CEU. Cornstein added that it’s the interest of the Hungarian people that a decision is made soon and the university “can stay in this wonderful city”.

The ambassador is sure that Orban will soon receive an invitation to the White House. Cornstein reminded that it was him who advised Donald Trump to call Orban and congratulate him on his election victory. Cornstein said it’s necessary for Hungary to have relations to Russia because 80% of Hungary’s energy comes from there. He added that Russia likes to subvert things, but the American standpoint is that there must be a dialogue with Moscow.

According to Cornstein, Orban is not under Vladimir Putin’s influence. He called Hungary’s PM “a wonderful, strong leader” who has his firm ideas about what’s happening in the EU and he doesn’t agree with everything.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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