Slovakian ambassador criticises Orban

According to Slovakia’s outgoing ambassador, a Russian model is functioning in Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban decides who can become an oligarch and who can’t.

Slovakian news site Dennik N made a lengthy interview with outgoing ambassador Rastislav Kácer, who said that “Slovakia’s relations similar to those of the west, where businessmen are trying to secure their positions by financial support ahead of the elections and call it a political investment. But it’s completely different in Hungary”. According to Kácer, the leader is completely centralising his power, deciding who become an oligarch and who can’t, just like in Russia.

After working five years in Hungary, the diplomat claims that Orban’s being looked upon as someone who has a firm view of the future and considers himself a prophet. But Kácer doesn’t agree with that. He reminded that Slovakia’s economic performance has exceeded Hungary’s. About the anti-Soros campaign, he said

“if someone thinks that a 90-year-old granddad has a diabolic idea to conquer the world, it’s more of a psychological symptom than anything close to reality”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Youtube

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