Hungary rejects the UN migration package

The UN migration package in its current form looks like an “African migration package” and fails to represent Europe’s interests, a foreign ministry official said on Friday.

Tamas Menczer, state secretary for foreign relations, told public television that the government is vying to get Hungary’s position incorporated into the final text.

Hungary does not support population swaps, he told current affairs channel M1. “We want Hungary to be Hungarian and Europe European.”

The UN package currently envisages migration as desirable and the right response to demographic and labour market challenges, he said. It also states that no distinction should be drawn between countrymen and migrants, he added.

“The government finds this unacceptable,” he said, adding that Hungary staunchly opposes the adoption of the current text of the migration package.

Source and photo: MTI

3 thoughts on “Hungary rejects the UN migration package

  1. But , But , But ….. it’s for the poor Children ?

    Look at the poor darlings , alone in a foreign country without their parents !

    To the People of Hungary , ” Keep Up the Good Fight ” for your Country and Heritage !

    Zionism must be stopped , and you are an example for the rest of Europe and the World to follow .

    The Awakened Americans in Texas Admire your efforts and Pray for your Freedom and Efforts against the Zionist N. W. O. !


  2. Bravo !
    Viktor Orban is a great leader.
    Is an example of how should be any leader who cares about his people.
    He represent excellent the Hungarian people’s interests , in this way , defending all european people’s interests.


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