“Hungary is being blackmailed”

The Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Group, we managed to strengthen the unity of the group within the EU and increase its influence, State Secretary for EU Relations Judit Varga told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

Varga reminded that thanks to the increasing political and economic significance of the region, the V4 managed to reach serious results, for example, the EU started to focus on external border control and helping third countries.

Since her appointment in May, Varga has had numerous meeting in the European Parliament, she has met more than 50 MEPs whom she explained Hungary’s legal and political arguments. She pointed out that many MEPs have no idea about the details of the LIBE report and the real situation in Hungary. So-called „news” in foreign mainstream media have nothing to do with the truth in Hungary, she added.

One of the issues Varga had to explain to her counterparts is the Stop Soros legal package. She said that several EU member states are using security measures to fight illegal migration, and also mentioned that the Hungarian government was the only one to ask the people’s opinion in a national consultation. Varga reminded that the elections in Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia have shown that migration is the number one issue for the European people.

According to Varga, the proceedings against Hungary are politically motivated, the LIBE report is a way of blackmailing Hungary and has nothing to do with the rule of law. The authors of the report – prepared by Dutch Green MEP Judith Sargentini – want to pressurise Hungary to change its migration policy.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Mandiner

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