Orban dictated to Merkel – press

The Hungarian MFA’s confidential evaluation of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visit to Germany is ready, revealing some topics from Orban’s and Angela Merkel’s meetings that haven’t been discussed in public, according to Hungarian daily Nepszava‘s sources.

It seems, they add, that during the one-on-one talks Orban was even more firm than in public and migration wasn’t the only topic. Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko approached Merkel before her meeting with Orban, to lobby ahead of the upcoming NATO summit. Hungary’s has been consequently blocking Ukraine’s NATO ambitions because of its language law that is – according to Budapest – discriminating ethnic Hungarians. Orban told Merkel that Hungary’s standpoint is principled, and Merkel “noted” it. Orban also informed Merkel about his policies regarding CEU and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Merkel’s and Orban’s standpoints on migration are still very far from each other: the German chancellor focuses on human rights, while Orban resents the attitude that neither the EU, nor Germany acknowledges efforts to protect the EU’s external border and considers the human rights approach a pull factor for immigrants. He told her that Hungary still refuses to take back any asylum seekers who were first registered in Hungary, even though there are currently only 531 such people.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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