Hungarians like Germans, but it’s not mutual – poll

Sympathy is rather one-sided between Germans and Hungarians, a recent poll shows.

According to Nezopont Institute, 59% of Hungarians have a positive opinion about Germany, while 55% of Germans have a negative opinion about Hungary. Only 38% of Germans speak positively about Hungary. There is no demographic category in Germany, in which the majority has a positive opinion about Hungary.

In their summary, the pro-government think tank noted that the result is the effect of the “one-sided” criticism of the German press since 2010. According to a poll conclued in 2017, 70% of German press reports about Hungary were negative. There were only 1% positive and 29% neutral articles.

Hungary Journal

One thought on “Hungarians like Germans, but it’s not mutual – poll

  1. Gouvernment is gouvernment…..
    Press & media are press & media…..
    I don’t know who loves Merkel? 😦
    I and many people I know like Hungary + the Hungarian people + their culture and traditions.
    Your standing to freedom (the Polish too) is historically and famous.
    Me and my family were sometimes in Budapest, in Pécs, in Szeged and on the Balaton.
    Many Germans like the Hungarians.
    And we prefer the clarity and directness of Mr. Orban than the ‘word clouds’ and hypocrisy of A. Merkel.
    Especially the East Germans are more open and like you Hungarians despite the brainwashing and manipulative press and media! 😉
    You don’t have to follow the agenda of Merkel, Soros and the corrupt EU technocracy monster.


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