“America first, regardless of Soros”

It is not a stretch to say that bilateral relations between Hungary and the United States could be expected to undergo a genuine revival in the coming period, the foreign minister said on Tuesday, marking Fourth of July, in Budapest. Days before, the new US ambassador paid his first visit the Central European University – but what does this mean?

Peter Szijjarto addressed a reception hosted by the US Embassy to celebrate Independence Day which was also addressed by David B. Cornstein, the new US ambassador to Hungary. Hungarians, just like the American people, are real freedom fighters; they both value freedom and independence, causes they had to fight so many times in history, the minister said.

Speaking about the present, Szijjarto noted a similarity in the approach of the international press towards the two countries’ governments, saying that Hungary “will never join the choir of those Europeans” who he said had “made it a routine” to criticise the United States. The Hungarian government will continue to have a balanced approach towards any decisions taken by the US government concerning foreign and domestic affairs, he said.

The minister said he fully understood US President Donald Trump’s position on the protection of America’s borders, adding that he agreed with the principle that it is a country’s sovereign right to decide whom it allows to enter its territory.

On the topic of bilateral business relations, Szijjarto noted that the United States is the most important market for Hungary’s exports outside Europe. The 1,700 US companies doing business in Hungary employ more than 100,000 people, the minister said.
In the area of military relations, Szijjarto highlighted Hungary’s support to Washington in the form of troops serving in the international coalition fighting against the Islamic State terrorist group, as well as on missions in Afghanistan and the western Balkans.
Addressing the event, David B. Cornstein emphasised the importance of July 4th for generations of Americans, saying that people on this day celebrate freedom and the rule of law, as well as the freedom of speech, press and religion.

The ambassador, who presented his credentials to President Janos Ader on June 25, said he will work together with Hungary towards building the best ever bilateral relations with the country.

On June 28, Cornstein paid a visit to the Central European University (CEU) that was founded by George Soros.  “I was pleased with the opportunity to visit CEU today and meet some of the very talented faculty and students. It’s an impressive academic institution and an asset to both Hungary and the United States. I support its continued operation in Budapest, and I hope it will continue to connect our two countries for many years to come,” the ambassador said according to the embassy’s Facebook page.

Opposition tv channel ATV has learnt from government sources that the CEU case is not on the agenda, it’s unlikely that there would be an agreement this summer and it’s also hard to imagine that it was the most important topic of the phone call between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the US President, Donald Trump. According to the sources, Cornstein’s visit to the CEU only meant that regardless of Soros, American interest comes first for Trump and the US.

ATV reminded that according to pro-government analyst Zoltan Kiszelly, Orban is soon to be invited to the White House, and that’s a big success as Hungary hasn’t bought American weapons so far.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: MTI

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