US ambassador promises fresh start

“Before arriving in Budapest, I advised my old friend Donald Trump to call Viktor Orban and congratulate him on his election victory. The call was organised for next day,” the new ambassador of the United States, David Cornstein told daily Magyar Idok in his first interview in Hungarian media.

Cornstein promised a new start in US-Hungarian bilateral relations, recalling how sad it was to see that in the recent years there has been no real communication, just media battles. The ambassador said he was glad to have been able to present his credentials just one day after his visit. He stressed that the meeting between US state secretary Mike Pompeo and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto went extremely well, and secretary Wess Mitchell is also involved in building a stronger cooperation with the Hungarian government.

According to Cornstein, both Donald Trump and Viktor Orban are very strong leaders who have strong opinions in migration and security as well. He added that there are topics on which the two governments disagree, but they should be resolved through dialogue, not in the media.

Cornstein stressed that both Republicans and Democrats agree that the CEU should remain in Budapest. Regarding anti-Semitism, he said it’s present everywhere, but he was glad to hear that the leaders of Hungarian Jewish organisations don’t consider it a major problem in Hungary. Cornstein avoided answering the question about George Soros, and said that it would’ve been fortunate if the legislative package wasn’t actually named after him.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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