Szijjarto gives exclusive interview to Breitbart

“Hungary is focusing on primarily helping persecuted Christians over other groups,” Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told Breitbart.

“We are a Christian country and we have to emphasize that because currently, under a mainstream liberal media, if you say so you must be very brave. That’s why, very proudly, I want to say again that we are a Christian country and that’s why we have a special responsibility to protect our Christians brothers and sisters all around the world … If we don’t protect them, who will protect them? If you don’t speak in favor of them, who will speak in favor of them? For us, protecting Christian communities is of utmost importance,”

he said. He expressed disdain towards the Christian-majority European Union’s reluctance to focus its foreign assistance to the Middle East on primarily helping their fellow Christian adherents, Breitbart adds.

He stressed that Hungary is focused on strengthening Christians facing mistreatment in their own country so that they can remain in their homes.

Source: Hungary Journal/Breitbart
Photo: MTI

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