Orban: We want to restore democracy

European democracy has floundered, “so we want to restore democracy in Europe”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters in Brussels on Thursday.

Arriving at a summit of EU leaders, Orban said the reason why European democracy was struggling was because European leaders were ignoring the will of the people.

“The people want two things,” Orban said. “One is that we don’t allow in any more migrants while ensuring very strong border protection. The other is that those who have already entered [Europe] are taken back [to their home countries].”

The prime minister said the restoration of European democracy would have to be addressed in the coming months and would be topped off by next year’s European parliamentary elections.

He said the question now was whether European leaders would move in this direction with proposals to enable refugee camps to be set up outside the EU. There is a chance that talks in Brussels will move towards rebuilding European democracy, he added.

“We belong to the camp of the democrats,” Orban said. “The European solution means addressing the problem on the basis of the most important European principle … the number one value being democracy.” “In order to achieve a European solution, democracy must be rebuilt in the European Union, and Hungary is ready to take part,” the prime minister said.

Hungary’s standpoint on migration is unambiguous but the government is open to negotiations, the Hungarian representation in Brussels said. The statement said Germany had asked the Hungarian government to enter into bilateral negotiations over the issue, adding that the Hungarian government was ready to do so.

Source and photo: MTI

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