What to expect from Orban at the EU summit?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will represent the Hungarian standpoint on migration at the Europan Council summit which starts on Thursday.

The main pillars of the Hungarian proposal are external border control and focus on helping on the spot, instead of letting migrants in the EU and distribute them. Budapest also supports the idea of establishing hotspots outside Europe’s territory.

Last week, Orban said that the summit’s main focus would be on migration, adding that he would welcome if issues on which there is consensus among member states featured high on the agenda.

On Tuesday, Orban’s press chief announced that the prime ministers of the V4 are scheduled to hold separate meetings with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron ahead the European Council meeting. The talks will focus on the topics on the agenda of the EU summit on the same day, with special regard to the migration crisis facing Europe, he added.

Hungary refuses to accept a compromise when it comes to mandatory migrant quotas, the state secretary for European Union affairs said late on Tuesday after attending a meeting of EU ministers focusing on migration and the next EU budget in Luxembourg.

“We will not accept a compromise that involves any form of mandatory distribution of migrants or asylum seekers. Hungary has no legal or political obligation to become an immigrant country,”

Szabolcs Takacs said in a phone interview to MTI. During the Austrian presidency of the EU starting on July 1, the Hungarian government wants to persuade member countries that the focus should be shifted from mandatory distribution to protecting the external borders of the EU,” he said.

“It is not easy to convince them, and we can see that the issue of secondary migration has resulted in domestic political troubles in certain countries. We do not expect a compromise at the EU summit this week, either. In order to reach an agreement, it is necessary for all member countries to accept the fact that distribution is not working and the EU must follow migration policies that focus on border protection,”

he said.

There are also many issues left open regarding the EU budget, and it is uncertain when a compromise could be achieved, Takacs said. The draft prepared by the European Commission basically supports migration, he added. Hungary wants the budget to include support for the protection of external EU borders, to ensure that border protection can be financed not only from national budgets but also EU funds, he said.

“Brussels’ institutions and European governments can only stay in place if people are asked in short order about the flood of migrants and illegal migration,”

Laszlo Csizmadia, the head of the pro-government NGO Civic Union Forum (COF) told a press conference on Wednesday. He said candidates in next year’s European parliamentary elections who “overlook the opinion of citizens” would perform badly.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

One thought on “What to expect from Orban at the EU summit?

  1. EU can never use sanctions to the V4 group. Exit destroys EU Parliament quickly and each contry can protect borders in a alliance East/Southern Europe . Non democratic issues from Brussel should stop asap
    27 June 2018 will make a historic day.


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