Pinter: Hungary world’s 15th safest country

Hungary today would not be the 15th safest country in the world without the efforts of its civil guard patrol officers, the interior minister said in Baja, in southern Hungary, on Saturday.

Speaking at the opening of the 24th National Civil Guard Day and the 7th National Mounted Civil Guard parade, Sandor Pinter, who also serves as deputy prime minister in charge of national security, praised the civil guards for their role in ensuring and preserving Hungary’s public order.

The civil guard officers were among the first to recognise the dangers posed by migration and immediately reacted to it, Pinter said.

The minister also lauded the National Civil Guard Association’s (OPSZ) decision to focus on children, families and youth in 2018, saying that young people today were exposed to more and more threats.


OPSZ president Andras Turos said Hungary’s 63,000 civil guard officers have completed some 9 million service hours overseeing public order and safety in some 2,100 cities and towns.

“There is no alternative to the civil guard,” Turos said. “With its continuous and effective operation it is one of the country’s standout assets.”

Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Sandor Lezsak hailed the civil guard’s natural disaster response efforts and contributions to the protection of Hungary’s borders.

Source and photo: MTI

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