New US ambassador arrived in Budapest

US President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to Hungary, David B. Cornstein, arrived in Budapest on June 22, 2018, the US Embassy in Budapest said on its Facebook page on Friday.

“Ambassador David Cornstein and Mrs. Sheila Cornstein were greeted by Deputy Chief of Mission David Kostelancik and senior Embassy diplomats at the Liszt Ferenc Airport this afternoon. On behalf of the Hungarian Government, State Secretary Levente Magyar also provided a gracious welcome,” the embassy wrote.

Last week, President of the United States Donald Trump has called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the telephone to speak about the new US ambassador to Hungary. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told MTI after the conversation that Trump had said the new ambassador is a wonderful person whose arrival ensures a chances to further repair bilateral ties between the two countries. They spoke about the importance of border protection and agreed that a country that cannot defend its own borders is no longer a country, he added.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: Facebook/hungary.usembassy


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