Alternative model for cooperation in the EU

“I don’t expect productive solutions, as long as Macron and Merkel are forcing their will upon the European Council”, FPÖ secretary general and EP delegation head Harald Vilimsky told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to the Austrian politician, the EU is politically divided, because German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron would go on “business as usual” towards more integration, while Austria, Hungary and Italy support subsidiarity and border control.

He said Austria has traditionally good relations to the V4 countries, and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s “axis of the willing” is an alternative model for better cooperation among the member states.

Regarding the next European elections, Vilimsky expects that eurosceptic and patriotic parties get much more votes than in 2014. “Europe’s political landscape is changing, and the EU must adapt to it,” Vilimsky said, adding that he agrees with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban:

“you cannot make politics against your own people, neither in Vienna, Budapest,  Berlin nor in Brussels”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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