Szijjarto: Brussels wouldn’t stop migration

The deputy head of the European Commission, the UN’s human rights commissioner and the chairman of the Venice Commission have recently “formed a united pro-migration Soros front”, which the Hungarian government will continue to fight to protect Hungarians from illegal migration, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Tuesday in Stockholm.

Szijjarto met foreign ministers of the Visegrad Group and the Nordic-Baltic Eight, a group comprising the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic states. It is the safety of Europeans that is of vital importance, rather than migration, Szijjarto told public media after the meeting, commenting on claims by Federica Mogherini, the high representative for foreign affairs and deputy head of the European Commission, who said on Monday that migration is the drive behind certain sectors of the economy, which “would cease to operate from one day to the other” without it.

Szijjarto said Mogherini “let Brussels’ mask slip and made it clear that Brussels… cannot imagine the EU’s future without migration.” Such a claim is “simply astounding” after 29 terrorist attacks committed by migrants and people with migration backgrounds which have killed 330 and injured 1,300, he said.

The UN’s human rights commissioner is also “bent on flooding Europe with migrants”, and the Venice Commission is challenging Hungary’s sovereign right to decide about issues with direct impact on its future and security, Szijjarto insisted. Hungary is not going to back down but fight against the enormous pressure from international forces, he said. “We will accept the ‘Stop Soros’ package to protect our southern borders and Hungarian citizens,” he said.

Gulyas: Hungary refuses to budge on migrant redistribution scheme

Hungary is sticking to its position on the European Union’s mandatory migrant redistribution mechanism and will continue to reject the scheme, Gergely Gulyas, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said in Brussels on Tuesday.
Decisions concerning the handling of migrants have to be made at a national, rather than a European level, Gulyas told Hungarian journalists.

The PM’s Office chief criticised the latest migration proposal put forward by Bulgaria, which holds the bloc’s rotating presidency, saying that it failed to take into consideration member states that have consistently opposed a mandatory redistribution scheme without an upper limit. Gulyas said the number of member states that oppose such a mechanism has risen over time.

But several countries, including Germany, have not yet given up on the implementation of a mandatory redistribution scheme, he said, adding that this was affecting Germany’s domestic political situation. Hungary’s interest lies in a stable German government, “but no country’s internal political issues should weigh on the EU’s decision making on matters of this magnitude that affect the whole of the bloc”, Gulyas added.

Source and photo: MTI

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