How the parties performed on Facebook

The Medianezo think tank – part of the pro-government Nezopont group – analysed the attributes and activities of the official Facebook pages of Hungarian parties during the campaign of the parliamentary elections on April 8.

According to Medianezo’s report published on Friday, the social media presence of the parties can easily be evaluated by the number of their followers and posts, but effectiveness can also be determined by the interactions generated by their posts – resulting in shares and likes. They concluded that it wasn’t simply the number of followers and posts that turned out to be crucial, but the ability of the parties to activate their followers, make them share their messages.

Number of likes and shares; number of posts; average number of followers during the campaign

During the analysed period the strongest opposition party, Jobbik had the most followers (484 974). Ruling Fidesz had 242 611 followers, and the opposition Socialists (MSZP) 205 490. It was left-liberal opposition party Democratic Coalition (DK) which shared the most posts (398), then Jobbik (308) and MSZP (298). Despite these numbers, it was Fidesz which generated the most likes and shares (2 185 127), which is 800 000 more than the four main opposition parties (Jobbik, MSZP, DK, LMP) combined.

Number of likes and shares per post

The number of shares and likes on Fidesz’s page was rapidly growing during the campaign. Jobbik’s was also growing, but the left-liberal parties were stagnating.

Hungary Journal

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