Gulyas: We stand a good chance in this fight

Hungary’s chances are good in the fight against the mandatory migrant redistribution quota system because the decision, which would distribute migrants among member states without upper limits, “could be postponed or even changed”, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyas, told a press conference on Thursday.

At last week’s meeting of EU interior ministers, only five states supported Bulgaria’s proposal on mandatory redistribution quotas unconditionally, Gulyas noted, while 16 member states rejected it. There has been a shift towards the Hungarian standpoint, “we have more allies now than we had a few years or even a few months ago”, he said. The Hungarian government hopes that the proposal will not be accepted at the European Council meeting on June 28-29, which would focus on migration, Gulyas said.

The European Commission’s proposal, however, still contains a quota system redistributing asylum seekers among the member states without an upper limit, Gulyas said, but “we stand a good chance in this fight”.

The European Union’s draft budget for the 2021-2027 period is unacceptable because it is taking away resources from poorer states to transfer them to richer ones, Gulyas said.

Hungary’s future lies in European cooperation but the government can only accept the budget if it does not punish those countries that have demonstrated good performance with significant economic growth, he said.

The current draft budget would improve the position of countries that are more developed and have higher living standards than others because their economic policies violate EU laws, he added. Hungary is open to an agreement and to work out a fair system to compensate for resources lost because of Brexit, he said.

“We cannot accept the principle that resources are taken away from member states in order to give them to migrants,”

he said. The best way to save on expenses would be to reduce the Brussels bureaucracy, he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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