Fidesz MEP: Times proves us right

The Hungarian government’s migration policy is becoming mainstream in European politics, Fidesz MEP Kinga Gal told Magyar Hirlap.

According to the European People’s Party’s vice-president, the solution Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz proposes is what the Hungarian prime minister has been saying since 2015: there’s no freedom of movement in the Schengen Zone, unless the external borders are protected. She stressed that this opinion is more and more accepted in the party family, but it’s not always reflected in the statements of EU leaders. “Kurz’s statements show that European politicians have started to admit that the attitude of voters had changed and the quota failed,” she said.

Regarding the European elections in 2019, Gal said that EPP leaders also see that the voters want them to speak about migration and security. She said hopefully those who see reality, and those who still haven’t been able to overcome their unrealistic ideas who finally find some common ground. “Time proves us right”, Gal added.

Hungary Journal
Photo: EP

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