Fidesz accuses Dutch ally of lying

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz has accused the Dutch Christian-Democrat CDA party of lying about the Hungarian government’s constitutional amendment proposal and announced that it was suspending all ties with the party until it apologised.

Brussels-based news outlet Politico reported on Monday that at its weekend congress, the CDA adopted a motion calling for Fidesz to be excluded from the European People’s Party, of which both parties are members, if Prime Minister Viktor Orban does not “return to the way in which Fidesz was previously a valued member of the EPP family.”

The CDA called on the EPP to draw “red lines” and, if they continue to be crossed, to provide “the ultimate remedy by requesting the (temporary) suspension of membership”, Politico reported. According to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, the “red lines” referred to by the CDA are the potential closure of Budapest’s Central European University and the government’s “Stop Soros” bill.

“CDA’s resolution is lying when it says that the current constitutional amendment is a threat to the rule of law and democracy,”

Fidesz deputy leader Katalin Novak said in a letter addressed to the head of the CDA. She also accused the party of lying about the amendment proposal restricting freedoms and being a threat to judicial independence and the independence of NGOs. Novak also rejected the CDA’s claim that Fidesz had turned against European cooperation, campaigned with false facts in the general election and that Orban had vowed to take revenge on the opposition.

“It is especially hurtful that a resolution by our sister party and Christian Democrat ally contains a slew of falsehood, so we have reason to believe that they are deliberate lies,” Novak wrote in the letter. “If we want to preserve the unity of the European People’s Party, it is unacceptable for a member party to make accusations against another member party…”

Fidesz MEP Gyorgy Holvenyi wrote in a Facebook post that CDA’s resolution is arrogant, lecturing and full of lies. “An 8-percent party is lecturing a 50-percent party alliance without any previous consultation,” he pointed out.

On May 16, Orban met Sybrand van Haersma Buma (on our cover photo), the leader and MEP of CDA in Sofia, ahead of the EU-Western Balkan summit. According to his press chief, they concluded that they share views on basic social values and challenges facing the EU including migration. They agreed that Europe’s future lies in preserving the continent’s Christian culture.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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