Orbán: Struggle between values, cultures taking place in Europe

The upcoming European parliamentary election will be about a struggle for values and cultures and a lot is at stake, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a forum in Kötcse on Sunday.

In a private forum – annually organised in Kötcse for the members of Fidesz and the intellectuals close to it -, Orban said Hungary’s opportunities were vast but there were also serious threats, the first being migration, the PM’s press chief Bertalan Havasi said.

Orban said elections in Austria and Italy showed that whereas there are forces promoting migration and multiculturalism, there are those who are anti-migration and prioritise Christian culture.

Brussels, representing a globalist immigration culture, has weakened the European Union, and it was unable to stop Brexit, he said, which he attributed to migration and the dilution of European culture.


The prime minister said the Hungarian people had handed the government a great opportunity and the government derived “strength from representing them”.

“We imagine our future within Europe and within the EU, but Hungary comes first for us,” he added. Hungary’s interest lies in protecting national sovereignty and the equality of the peoples of Europe, he said. “We have our homeland and our country, and we’re not going to give it away to anybody,” Orban said.

Source: MTI
Photo: Facebook/OrbanViktor

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