Orban greeted Macedonian protesters

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent a video message to his Macedonian ally, the VMRO-DPMNE that was showed to the 50-60 thousand people who joined the party’s anti-government rally on Saturday in Skopje.

In his message, Viktor Orban ensured VMRO-DPMNE  – member of the European People’s Party, like Fidesz – and its leader, Hristijan Mickoski of his support. Referring to the migrant crisis in 2015 – when the right-wing moderate party was in government – he said VMRO-DPMNE’s leadership had the courage, wisdom and power to protect the Macedonians, the Hungarians and the Europeans and this should never be forgotten.

“Leaders are those who love their country, who are experienced and don’t give in to external pressure. I’m convinced that Hristijan Mickoski will lead Macedonia back to the path of development and gives back its faith in the future”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

One thought on “Orban greeted Macedonian protesters

  1. Thank you Viktor. You are a true hero for those who believe in justice and humanity. Macedonians are very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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