Govt stands by the “Stop Soros” package

It’s unacceptable that foreign-funded organisations support illegal immigration and in some cases even earn money with it, Csaba Domotor, the state secretary of the Cabinet Office told Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap, after the government submitted the “Stop Soros” legislative package.

According to Domotor, those who support and encourage illegal immigration, especially if in an organised way and repeatedly, are committing a crime according to the new legislation. Domotor was referring to the “Stop Soros” package and the 7th amendment of the constitution.

The state secretary reacted to George Soros’s article and speech on Tuesday too. He said it’s clear that Soros there’s a battle going on between those who believe in nation states and Christian democracy, and those who support the idea of the “open societies”.

Fidesz spokesman Janos Halasz told journalists on Wednesday that the “Soros empire” has launched an “immediate and full-scale” attack against the legislative package and Hungary. According to Halasz, those organisations are protesting against the package, who themselves are interested in encouraging migration.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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