Milo: Orban protects his people like a crusader

British author and political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos gave a number of interviews to Hungary’s pro-government media on Friday and Saturday.

Yiannopoulos told that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbanis quite like Donald Trump, and it must be part of the Hungarian character to reject external dictates. He said he doesn’t miss the protests against him, which by the way only prove his views on the left side’s intolerance right. He called it encouraging that there’s no organised, militant far-left in Hungary. Yiannopoulos added that he’d be glad if Orban lead a “cultural crusade”, and “the fight that was lead for Constantinople, restarted in Budapest”.

“Hungary is a strong bastion between the East and the West, protecting freedom, freedom of speech and the right of people to live how they want”, Yiannopoulos told Echo TV. He added that Communists mask themselves as feminists and LGBT activists, wanting to control people’s behaviour, instead of the economy. Yiannopoulos also praised Hungary’s family policies.

In an interview with daily Magyar Hirlap, he said that there’s no room for dialogue anymore with feminists and other radicals, the only right approach now is to provoke them to make them show their true, violent selves. He accused George Soros of funding domestic terrorists in the USA.

Speaking to news site, Yiannopoulos said that Viktor Orban was the only leader to protect his people from the agressive mass of migrants, “just like a crusader”. He said that what Orban is doing to control migration, is very inspiring and necessary.

He told news site, that “Brexit, Trump and Orban” are signs that conservatives are starting to wake up.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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