“Eastern Germans understand Orban better”

“Viktor Orban has been elected democratically, this reflects well the opinion of the Hungarian people, and now we have to shape Europe’s future together”, Joachim Klose, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s head in Saxony told Hungarian news site Mandiner.

The German philosopher, who heads the CDU’s party foundation in Saxony, talked about German politics, the migration crisis and the reasons behind AfD’s and Pegida’s popularity.

Klose said it’s important to emphasise that “there’s one Europe, and Europe’s unity is important”, but of course there are tensions between the Eastern European, Eastern German identity and narrative, and the Western German narrative.

“Viktor Orban clearly represents the Eastern German narrative and from that perspective, the relations have always been good with Hungary, not only because of 1956 or the Pan-European Picnic,” Klose said, adding that Hungarians are still very close to Eastern Germans, they understand them better than the Western part of Germany does.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Mandiner

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