Murray: Europe not prepared for the migration crisis

We must act now, regain control over the situation and declare that Europe belongs primarily to those who live here, and it can’t be made everyone else’s home, British author Douglas Murray told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, after the Future of Europe conference.

According to Murray, every country with enforced borders is to some extent demonised. He said that George Soros’s role in the migration crisis is “terrible”. Asked about the accusations of anti-Semitism against the Hungarian government, he added that the “puppet master poster” indeed gives opportunity for criticism and the government has paid the priced for it already. Murray stressed that on the other hand, it was Berlin, not Budapest where a young man was attacked for wearing a kippah.

He stressed that Brussels hasn’t learnt from Brexit, and the lack of reaction from their side is the best justification for the British decision. Murray added that the EU’s leadership should be more flexible, but they are rigid and their only answer is “more EU”.

Murray share the suspicion of the V4 states concerning the migrant quota, because they have the reason to think that it wasn’t a one-time solution. According to the author, 2015 should have been a warning and Europe should be preparing itself for a much bigger crisis that is migration from Africa, but it’s not happening and the result can be cataclysmic.

In an interview with, Murray said that it was not Angela Merkel, but Viktor Orban who correctly assessed the situation in 2015. According to the author, Orban is right about border control.

Hungary Journal

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