Fidesz rejects HRW’s criticism

Two leaders of the international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch launched a campaign today to achieve that the European People’s Party expels Fidesz.

According to Wenzel Michalski and Philippe Dam, “Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its closest coalition partner the Christian Social Union (CSU) have yet to vigorously challenge the rights-damaging policies of their ally, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban”, adding that “the silence of the European People’s Party (EPP), the umbrella of center-right parties in European institutions to which CDU, CSU as well as Hungary’s Fidesz belong, has only emboldened Orban at home and abroad”.

“It’s time for the CDU and the CSU to seriously reconsider their ties with Orban’s Fidesz before it further damages democracy in Europe,”

they stressed.

Ruling Fidesz’s spokesman, Balazs Hidveghi said that HRW is a “Soros-funded organisation” which is unable to accept “the defeat” in Hungary’s recent parliamentary election. He said the current campaign was yet another of the “usual attacks” because Hungary and its ruling party “stand up for the country’s independence and reject migration”.

Funded by US billionaire George Soros, organisations such as HRW make all possible efforts to force migrants onto Europe, including Hungary, Hidveghi said.“But we will not allow that, and that is why they are attacking us,” he said.

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI
Photo: MTI

One thought on “Fidesz rejects HRW’s criticism

  1. It is Bundeskanzlerin Merkel who upended the rule of law in Europe — without which human rights are a fantasy — by unilaterally suspending the Dublin Regulations governing migration, in 2015, and not Hungary: which was compelled to erect frontier fences to enforce the EU’s own rules in this matter.

    Everyone knows and understands that all these moves against Orbán are rooted in this decision, because there are many for whom it is a matter of faith that their own political future and Europe’s depends on letting the millions of eventually guaranteed Left-wing voters come. Hungary’s Prime Minister also makes matters worse by daring to be a Christian Conservative, while pointing out that the multiculturalist integration of Muslims in western Europe has been a calamitous sham.

    Non-Hungarians simply cannot begin to imagine just how utterly heartbreaking the necessity of constructing this barrier was to Magyars, ultimately in defence of the European Union, given their nation’s history pre-/post-1920.

    Meanwhile the entire Bulgarian frontier with Greece has been fenced in for identical reasons and Macedonia only this week is considering doing likewise because of a new surge across the Aegean. Zero reporting on this at the international level.

    If there were no truth in these assertions, why is the current opposition in the Bundestag, the AfD party, successfully mounting a case against the Chancellor’s office in Germany’s Constitutional Court, for violating the country’s constitution by independently suspending these rules governing migration and refugee settlement, with Merkel entirely bypassing her own parliament and its rules in the process?


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