Gulyas: Deviance flourishing in the EP

According to Gergely Gulyas, the Minister Heading the PM’s Office, “deviance is flourishing in the European Parliament. They are getting involved in issues which are national competences, and their resolutions have no legal basis”.

Gulyas explained in Echo TV’s Bayer Show that the migration wave showed the German people that reality is contradicting political correctness and they realised how important it is in their political life that some issues are untouchable. He added that even though the constitution guarantees freedom of speech in Germany, it’s very hard to represent a non-mainstream opinion. According to Gulyas, both the CDU/CSU and the SPD have lost the elections – even if Merkel’s party is still the strongest one – so they’re not a grand coalition, just a simple one.

Gulyas heavily criticised the European Parliament, which disrespects national competences, adding that the ideologies spread by the EP are not considered values by Hungary. He stressed that according to the Orban government’s opinion Europe’s Christian values must be preserved.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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