Jobbik considers the consultation about the EU’s future an important opportunity

According to Jobbik’s recently elected deputy chairman and parliamentary group leader Marton Gyongyosi, judging by the Orban government’s communication it’s a question whether Hungary’s place is in the European Union or not. The politician, who was interviewed by Jobbik-near Alfahir, said that he finds the European Commission’s consultation about the EU’s future important.

Marton Gyongyosi said about his party’s policies that “there was a time when a very centralising direction was dominant in the EU, which would have unified the European nation states and wanted to federalise the Union’s structure”.

According to him, Jobbik was heavily protesting against this, but even the stronger eurosceptic voices weren’t about leaving the EU, but about shifting its direction towards the Europe of nations.

“Brexit created a new situation and now it seems that the question has been reopened, whether the EU should be more centralised, or should be rather based on the cooperation of nation states,”

Gyongyosi said. He added that the right answer to the consultation about the EU’s future is not “hysteria and scandal”, that Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party is doing. Jobbik’s deputy chairman said “now there’s a chance to articulate, together with our allies, what kind of future we imagine for ourselves in the EU”.

He was glad that the principle of “equal pay for equal work” is among the topics of the consultation. Jobbik is part of the European citizen’s initiative, in which seven countries have been collecting signatures for a wage union, but they failed to collect the necessary one million signatures within one year.

“This might sound over-confident, but as the goal of the wage union initiative was to draw the Commission’s attention to the wage gaps which are tearing the EU apart, regardless of the number of signatures, I consider our campaign a huge success,” he noted.

Hungary Journal

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