Szijjarto: Hungary is helping displaced Christians to return home

“Hungary is practicing a strategy that helps Middle Eastern Christian communities who have been displaced from their homes to return to the land of their birth, and enables those who have remained at home to lead a life that is fit for human beings”, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto declared in Brussels on Monday at the third international conference on the victims of ethnic and religious conflicts in the Middle East.

In a statement to Hungarian journalists, the minister said Hungary will be continuing the Middle East policy it has already begun, within the framework of which it has already provided in excess of three billion forints (EUR 9.5 million) for the construction of schools and the refurbishment of hospitals in the region, in addition to which it is running a scholarship programme for young Middle Eastern Christians.

He drew attention to those who have been forced to leave their homelands because of their religion, and who continue to be persecuted today. Szijjarto said that with respect to the future a positive achievement would be if we succeeded in creating the opportunity for everyone, including Christians, who have been forced to leave areas occupied by the Islamic State terrorist organisation to return to their homes now that ISIS has been pushed back.

“Hungary would like there to be peace in the Middle Eastern region, the prerequisite of which is the realisation of a peaceful two-state solution via negotiations, based on both Israel and the Palestine state. Accordingly, Hungary is supporting all international measures that facilitate this, but will not be supporting measures that only serve the generation of hysteria. Hungary does not believe it is right for the European Union to pass judgement and generate tensions with regard to the relocation of the United States embassy”,

he said.

Photo: MTI

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