Navracsics: The Commission has to be impartial

Migration will be the most important topic of the next European elections in all member states, and if the status quo changes, the EU can get closer to solving the migration crisis, Hungary’s European commissioner, Tibor Navracsics told Hungarian daily Magyar Idok.

According to the commissioner, there are fights in the European Parliament which are clearly related to party politics, this is why there are many baseless accusations against Hungary. He added that the commissioners are trying to put party politics aside in the Commission. “The Commission couldn’t maintain its credibility with leading strongly political dialogues”, he said.

Navracsics said that Hungary is not on the Commission’s agenda too often, but whenever it is, he urges the college to be objective and neutral. He added that he represents the same attitude in Poland’s case.

Regarding the Article 7 procedure against Hungary, Navracsics stressed that there’s no structural problem with the rule of law in Hungary.

Hungary Journal

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