Szajer expects big battles in Brussels

„Talking about Christian Democracy is not politically correct anymore, even for some MEPs in Brussels, who are Christian Democrats in their names”, the European People’s Party’s EP deputy group leader Jozsef Szajer told Kossuth Radio.

Szajer said he expects that some thoughts expressed in Viktor Orban’s recent speech in the parliament will attract harsh criticism among Brussels liberals. According to him, Orban spoke about a „very clear alternative to liberal democracy”, stressed the importance of security, border control and traditional values.

He stressed that these messages are very important and should be repeated, even if speaking about them requires courage these days. According to Szajer, there is „final battle” in Brussels, because liberals, who are feeling that their influence is decreasing, are becoming louder and louder.

Referring to the LIBE committee’s very critical draft report about the Hungarian situation, Szajer said he expects big battles in Brussels, as Hungary’s government presents the opposite of what liberals believe in, also concerning immigration policy.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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