Hungary to attend Israeli reception for US embassy move to Jerusalem

Hungary’s ambassador to Israel is attending the reception the Israeli foreign ministry is hosting in Jerusalem on Sunday evening to celebrate the US embassy’s move from Tel Aviv.

Most European Union member states are not sending representatives to the event.

“Today’s event will be attended by the ambassadors of four EU member states, namely Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Austria, hosted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife,”

Hungary’s ambassador told MTI.

“Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania disagree with the European Union condemning the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem,” Andor Nagy said. He said Hungary had not yet decided whether to move its diplomatic mission to Jerusalem.

Hungary’s position supporting a two-state solution remains unchanged, he said.
According to Israeli daily Haaretz, the reception is being attended by around 30 out of the 86 ambassadors accredited to the country. Russia, Egypt and Mexico are not attending.

Source: MTI
Photo: Origo

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