Szijjarto: Europe’s borders to the south, southeast unprotected

The situation is unchanged from 2015 in that the European Union is unprotected to the south and its borders are wide open, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Friday in Athens.

It depends on the enforcement of the EU-Turkey migration agreement whether a new wave of migrants enter Europe from the south and southeast or not, he told MTI by phone.

“This is also why it is extremely important that Hungary’s southern borders should be kept closed. A new wave of illegal migrants across the Western Balkans from the southeast will immediately appear at Hungary’s southern borders as there are no other obstacles in their way,”

he added.

Szijjarto was attending the foreign ministers’ meeting of Visegrad Group and Balkan countries and said migration was the most important point on the agenda.

“The situation in Greece is increasingly dramatic. The number of migrants arriving in Thessaloniki tripled in April alone”, Szijjarto said and added that according to locals, a situation similar to 2015 is about to develop. In line with a Greek constitutional court ruling, migrants arriving at the islands are allowed to travel further inland and “who knows where they will continue after that,” Szijjarto said.

The pressure of migration is certainly going to increase because the debates in international organisatons are only encouraging migration instead of stopping it, he said.

“Since Europe’s borders to the south and southeast are unprotected, just like they were three years ago, Hungary’s measures at its southern borders must be maintained most rigorously,”

he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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