New Hungarian government structure approved

Lawmakers on Friday approved the law on the structure of the fourth Orban government, which will work with ten ministries.

The ministries are: Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Office, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Ministry of Finance.

The previous Orban government also functioned with ten ministries. The prime minister’s authority and responsibilities are to be laid out in a government decree.

The law also declares that the Cabinet Office functions as the prime minister’s political work organisation while the new Government Office of the Prime Minister will function as a work organisation for government management.

In the bill’s parliamentary debate, Fidesz’s Gergely Gulyas said the government’s goals were unchanged for the upcoming cycle:

“We want to preserve our Christian culture, protect the country, create full employment and support families raising children.”

The structure of the new government, which will work with ten ministries — the fewest in the European Union — is in line with these goals, Gulyas said.

He said the new government’s structure was mostly the same as that of the last one, with the biggest change being the establishment of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The creation of this ministry will bring together under one roof the management of tasks needed to implement a modern, 21st century Christian democratic policy, Gulyas said.

“Innovation and technology … and industry will be handled by a single ministry. We believe that coupled with the candidate minister this new structure will allow us to live up to the task of Hungary’s development, innovation and technological changes,”

Gulyas said.

Source and photo: MTI

Hungary Journal

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