Orban: The era of liberal democracy is over

Hungary will continue to oppose mandatory migrant quotas, stand up for Europe’s Christian culture and fight to protect its borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his inaugural address to parliament on Thursday. The prime minister discussed sovereignty, demography and economy too in his speech.

Hungary’s new parliament re-elected Viktor Orban, the leader of the election-winning Fidesz party, as prime minister. Orban, who is embarking on his fourth term in office, was elected with 134 votes in favour and 28 against. After the election, Orban took his oath of office.

“Thousands of paid activists, bureaucrats and politicians are working in Brussels today to have migration declared a basic human right. This is why they want to take away our right to decide for ourselves whom to take in.”

Orban said his government wants a strong Europe, peace and to reach mutually beneficial agreements with the European Union.

“Now that I’ve taken my oath, I reaffirm to every single member of the nation, all fifteen million Hungarians … that all my actions will be dedicated to the service of our nation and country, the Hungarian people, Hungarian interests and Christian values.”

Orban pledged to govern “a sovereign Hungarian state of free Hungarians”.

“We must live with the confidence and dignity of a country that understands that Hungarians have given more to the world than that which they have received.”

“The era of liberal democracy is over.”

Orban said Hungary was “in the right constellation”, adding that his government was thinking in terms of planning for the next twelve years.

“Hungary’s case has been won. Everything needed for great plans ahead has already come together.”

“Hungarians want a government that is worthy of their future. This encourages us – and entitles us – to make plans not only for the next four years but for the next ten years, too. Indeed, we should think in terms of twelve years.”

Orban noted that his governing alliance holds two-thirds majority in parliament, but he vowed to “serve the three-thirds”.

“The homeland cannot be in opposition with itself because its vastly transcends the parties.”

Source and photo: MTI

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