Hungary can be kicked out of the US visa waiver program

The United States is so fed up with Hungary’s passport fraud problem that it’s threatening to kick the country out of its visa waiver program, investigative site writes.

American authorities “learned that about 700 non-Hungarians have fraudulently obtained authentic Hungarian passports and assumed the identities of the original passport holders, according to U.S. officials and a DHS document obtained by the Washington Post working in partnership with Direkt36 on this story”.

According to the site, “experts said the fraudulent use of authentic passports poses a serious threat to the United States and other open societies”. The vulnerability has put a strain on the U.S.-Hungary relationship, already under pressure over U.S. allegations of democratic backsliding under the Orbán government, the article claims.

“DHS is prepared to take further enforcement action if Hungary fails to fulfill its VWP responsibilities,” said DHS Assistant Secretary for International Affairs James Nealon in the document obtained by The Washington Post.

Source: Hungary Journal/Direkt36

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