Szijjarto sends Austrian president ‘Soros Plan’ copy

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has mailed a copy of the so-called “Soros Plan” to the Austrian president in response to Van der Bellen’s recent statement that the US billionaire had no involvement in mass migration to Europe, the ministry’s deputy state secretary said on Wednesday.

The “Soros Plan” recently became a focus of political debates in Austria, Tamas Menczer, the ministry’s communications chief, said in a statement.

Menczer said the word “plan” had been used by George Soros, who described in detail how he planned to import millions of migrants to Europe.

Soros, he insisted, wanted to eliminate “national borders” and wanted the EU to divert money owed to member states to a fund supporting migrants.

The letter informed the Austrian president about debates on the issue in the run-up to Hungary’s recent general election. Voters, he said, had clearly opted to preserve their country’s sovereignty and security by voting for a government with a track record of halting migration.

Source and photo: MTI


3 thoughts on “Szijjarto sends Austrian president ‘Soros Plan’ copy

  1. Destroy the peoples culture and ways of life and they will be easier to control and enslave. Rothschilds , Rockefellers and Soros and Bush’s


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