Orban accuses the supreme court of interfering with the election

The Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, has “clearly and seriously interfered” with the recent parliamentary election and “stripped the voters of ruling parties of one mandate”, Bertalan Havasi, the press chief of Viktor Orban conveyed the prime minister’s position to news portal PestiSracok.hu on Saturday.

The supreme court had declared over 4,000 votes for the ruling parties, mailed from abroad by ethnic Hungarians, as invalid, saying that the ballots had been returned in envelopes other than the ones the election office had provided for the purpose.

Havasi noted that the Constitutional Court had labelled the Kuria decision illegitimate, and quoted Orban as saying that the supreme court was “intellectually unfit” for its responsibilities.

In an interview to public radio on Friday, Orban said he regretted that his Fidesz party had von 133 rather than 134 seats in parliament. “As far as I can see the Kuria has stripped us of one mandate”, he said, referring to the Constitutional Court’s criticism on Thursday of the Kuria for declaring over 4,000 votes for the ruling parties invalid. He said, however, that “it has to be accepted” and noted that under Hungarian law there was no legal remedy against the Kuria’s decision.

The party’s communications director, Balazs Hidveghi told public media on Thursday that Fidesz suffered “the greatest harm” through a violation of rules when the votes were counted.

Source and photo: MTI

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