Szijjarto: Austria’s decision is unfair

Austria’s decision to adjust family benefits paid for foreigners working in the country to the price levels of the country of residence of the child is “unfair and dishonest” to Hungarians, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday.

The decision, which the EU has also objected to, has an impact on some 39,000 Hungarian children.

“Austria is an important partner for Hungary. It is our important ally in many issues, but we have a serious disagreement on this matter,”

the minister said in a statement. As Hungarians working in Austria pay their taxes and contributions, it is unacceptable that they should receive less in family benefits than Austrians paying the same amount, he said.

The issue is also a European one, Szijjarto said. Hungary expects the EU to enforce regulations and agreements within the bloc, he said. If the European Commission “employs equal standards”, they have to take a stand against such breaches of European law, he said. Hungary will always protest against unfair and dishonest practices hitting Hungarians, he said.

Source and photo: MTI

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