Opposition celebrates May 1

Hungarian opposition parties and trade unions celebrated May 1 across the country. One-third of Hungarians attended various – not only political – events on Tuesday.

Resistance must not be given up and the single critical condition for opposition politics is joining forces, Agnes Kunhalmi, head of the opposition Socialist Party’s Budapest chapter, said a forum at the party’s May 1 event in the City Park. According to Kunhalmi, the opposition must recover from the “pit” and must not yield to frustration caused by the election results. People want a change and it is the task of politicians to forge the power for it, she added. Kunhalmi said joining forces would not be a “magic bullet” and the politics of small steps taken in the right direction should be followed.

Those that voted in support of left-wing parties at the April 8 general election voted for Europe, opposition DK said on Tuesday at a May 1 event, noting that Hungary also celebrates the anniversary of its EU accession on this day. DK’s Laszlo Hajdu, the mayor of Budapest’s 15th district, told the event celebrating Labour Day that Hungary was still marred by high unemployment, with many people working in public work schemes and a great number of emigrants.

Green opposition LMP must be developed by focusing on the problems of ordinary people and raising them in parliament, deputy group leader Erzsebet Schmuck said at an Okopolisz Foundation event. People want peace, predictability and decent living conditions, but they have lost trust in politicians because of their unfulfilled promises, Schmuck said.

Addressing International Workers’ Day, the economy ministry said in a statement that thanks to tax cuts and pay rises, working in Hungary was becoming increasingly worthwhile. Since 2010, the jobless rate has fallen by two-thirds to a historic low and real wages have been growing for over five consecutive years, the ministry said.

Around one-third of Hungarians take part in May 1 festivities; while young people tend to be drawn in by the entertainment on offer, the older generation typically favours the tradition that is the consumption of sausage and beer, a survey by Kutatopont released on Tuesday showed.

Source and photo: MTI

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