Orban “summoned” to Brussels

EPP President Joseph Daul and the party’s parliamentary group leader Manfred Weber have invited Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Brussels on Wednesday, May 2 to discuss their relations after the latter’s election victory, EPP and Fidesz officials told Politico’s Brussels Playbook.

“Expect a friendly warning from Brussels that the EPP’s patience isn’t endless and loyalty towards a member party has limits when it endangers the EPP’s pro-European reputation and its chances at next year’s EU election”, the newsletter adds.

The latest issue of Der Spiegel also mentions the planned meeting, adding that Weber wants to warn Orban than there are boundaries even he must respect. According to the article, EPP members from Luxembourg, Belgium or Sweden are very critical of Fidesz, but one year before the European elections it’s highly unlikely that the Hungarian ruling party’s EPP membership would be in danger. Fidesz has strong positions in the EPP – Jozsef Szajer is Weber’s deputy, Kinga Gal is the party’s vice-chair, and Livia Jaroka is also one of the EP’s vice-chairs -, both Daul and Weber openly rooted for Orban during the campaign, the latter even visited Budapest.


Prime Minister Viktor Orban will travel to Brussels on Wednesday to brief leaders of the European People’s Party on the goals of his next government and to discuss topical issues concerning the European Union, the PM’s press chief said on Monday. Orban will be reciprocating a visit to Budapest during the election campaign by EPP group leader Manfred Weber, who during his visit had assured the prime minister of the EPP’s support, Bertalan Havasi told MTI.

Talks will focus on the preservation of Europe and Hungary’s culture based on Christian values and the protection of Europe’s borders and citizens. Orban will also brief his EPP allies on his government’s plans to further boost Hungary’s competitiveness, reach full employment and support childbearing. Parties at the talks are also scheduled to discuss the most important challenges facing Europe, such as EU trade policy, migration and asylum policy as well as the post-2020 budget, Havasi said.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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