Szijjarto: Austrian president siding with Soros and migrants

The president of Austria has “taken sides with George Soros and the migrants”, Peter Szijjarto, the Hungarian foreign minister, told MTI on Sunday.

Szijjarto responded to recent remarks by Alexander Van der Bellen, who had referred to US financier Soros in a recent interview as a philanthropist who has donated huge sums to education and civil organisations promoting democracy, and suggested that Austria should support the policies of France rather than the Visegrad Group, which “does not offer anything exciting for Europe”.

In his interview to Profil weekly, Van der Bellen also suggested that Europe’s demographic issues could be resolved through accommodating migrants, but added that increased focus should be paid to their integration or else “the problem could backfire” in 10-20 years. Settlers need to be provided education and jobs, as well as services for children, the paper quoted the Austrian president as saying.

Szijjarto said in reaction that Van der Bellen was “wrong” because Soros “represents migrants and especially his own interests rather than Europeans”. Soros is a “speculator” who would “leave migrants, chaos, and destruction behind”.

“The Hungarian government wishes to build on Hungarian families living in peace and security rather than on migrants,”

Szijjarto insisted.

Source and photo: MTI

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