Szijjarto rejects Ukraine’s ‘smear campaign’

It is false to claim that Hungary’s policy towards Ukraine has been dictated by Moscow, the foreign minister said on the sidelines of a NATO foreign ministerial session in Brussels on Friday.

The Hungarian government’s Ukraine policy is motivated by the aim that Kiev should withdraw laws that infringe on the acquired minority rights of about 150,000 ethnic Hungarians in the Transcarpathia region, Peter Szijjarto said.

“We firmly and resolutely reject the smear campaign conducted by some Ukrainian politicians accusing Hungary of serving some sort of Russian interests in its policy towards Ukraine,”

the minister told a press conference at the NATO headquarters.

Concerning NATO, he said that the military alliance should give adequate responses to challenges illegal migration poses not only from the east but from the south as well. A repeated wave of illegal migrants seeking entry to Europe threatens not only the continent’s security but its stability as well, Szijjarto said.

He said NATO must help the EU in preventing and controlling migration, adding that the Hungarian government’s position in this regard is that the alliance should continue its operations at the Mediterranean Sea.

Szijjarto welcomed that NATO would launch its own military training mission in Iraq, flagging contribution to that mission by the Hungarian government. Hungary will fulfil its obligations as a NATO ally, he said, adding that the country has 165 troops serving currently on missions in the region. Hungary has approval by parliament to dispatch altogether 200 troops on these missions, he added.

Source and photo: MTI


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