Szijjarto: Brussels wants to recognise the right of anyone to travel as a migrant

In a resolution adopted last week, the European Parliament made “two extremely dangerous statements” that go against Hungary’s interests, Peter Szijjárto, the foreign minister, said on Monday. 

Brussels wants to recognise the right of anyone to travel as a migrant in order to secure a livelihood, “which is extremely dangerous”, he told a press conference. The European Union is ripping up the rulebook on border protection and sovereignty, he added.

The EP resolution also aims to ban the return of migrants to where they came from while entitling them “to all kinds of services regardless of their legal status”.

Szijjarto said African aspirations coincided with the “self-abnegating” position of Brussels. “Differences in geography and interest are not apparent.”

The negotiating round of the so-called Rabat Process will be held in Marrakesh on May 2, he noted. Altogether 57 countries are participating in the Euro-African Dialogue on Migration and Development, including EU countries and almost thirty African countries.

“At the intergovernmental round, they want to endorse a statement calling for the organisation and management of migration as a useful, good and supportable process,”

he said.

“It states that migration contributes to the development of host countries and should be helped through the creation of various migration routes,”

he added.

The Hungarian government’s position is that migration is “a bad, dangerous and stoppable process”, he noted.

“We don’t accept that migration would contribute to the development of the host countries, since trends in Europe of the past two and a half years have shown that migrants are a security risk in host countries,”

Szijjarto said. Hungary, he said, will make a separate declaration so the EU cannot represent a common position.

Source and photo: MTI

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