Swedish MP warns of migration’s dangers

In an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, Swedish politician Kent Ekeroth spoke about the situation in his country and his opinion on the Hungarian government’s migration policies.

According to the Sweden Democrats’ MP, a number of strict measures are needed in Sweden to handle the crime related to immigrant gangs, including giving more competencies to the police. He said that the judicial system needs “higher salaries, more authority and better leadership”. Ekeroth also stressed the importance of sending illegals and criminals back to their home countries and review the citizenship of those who received it by lies or bribe.

Ekeroth said that he agrees 100% with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban regarding migration. “Once you make a step on this path, it’s downhill from there”, he said, adding that the Hungarian government should never back down when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. He saluted Orban for having the courage to face the international pressure to make Hungary an immigrant country.

Hungary Journal



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