Sargentini told to “spit on Orban”

Hungary’s ambassador to the Netherlands protested after a radio host asked his guest whether she would spit Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in the face.
According to Magyarnieuws, Kocsis wants the Dutch public broadcaster (NPO) to make steps against Eric Smit, who was the host at the ‘Dr Kelder en Co’ programme. “This is rude and shocking,” Kocsis said. In the programme, Smit was talking to Dutch green politician Judith Sargentini, who is the MEP responsible for the report on the situation in Hungary. She didn’t react to Smit’s provocative question.

Reacting to Kocsis’s criticism, the host said there’s freedom of speech in the Netherlands. The channel’s spokesman said the programme in question is often provocative, but they expect the participants to respect others. He said they will discuss it among each other.

Hungary Journal
Photo: NPO

3 thoughts on “Sargentini told to “spit on Orban”

  1. I wonder if I should spit in face those Dutch soldiers and officers who did not save life of 8000 Bosnian men and boys.
    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones !


  2. I don’t think Orban is a right wing politician, but this radio host is surely a leftist commentator. This type of nasty remarks are typical of the left.


  3. Sargetini did comment with saying that she would not do this, but shake OV´s hand. Commenting that one should not close the door for talking.


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